DAFUNK 2016?! TAY HAM's Top Albums Of The Year That Won't Stop

2016 has been a lot, but if there's one thing we don't mind reflecting on, it's the music. Here's our favorite albums of the year we just want to forget.
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A Tay Ham Guide to The New Holiday Classics

Out with the old, in with the new new! This Christmas we're tossing out our typical holiday traditions for some updated versions.
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Sebastian Bieniek's Two-Faced Art Is An Honest Look At Us All

Being two-faced carries such a negative connotation, unless you're visionary artist Sebastian Bieniek. Come explore his striking face portraits with us!
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Hey! Wanna go to Sleepy Mountain? We're there all week long! Join us as we meet the creator and give away some of her dreamy merch!
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Tribe Vibes: We Got It From Here... Thank You For Your Service


Mental time travelers and prolific jazz troupe, A Tribe Called Quest has returned with their reinvented, but classic sound after almost two decades since 1998’s “A Love Movement.” On Veteran’s Day the group landed in a universe beyond the moon with their current album, “We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service.” A consistent crispness fizzles with precision throughout the album, each track resembling a record needle etching vinyl.




Musical memories jive and embody the conversationalist vocal melodies, “let’s make something happen” in “The Space Program.” Accompanied with a jabbing closing composition, the tribe samples Willy Wonka’s psychedelic boat scene, requesting that the listener enter the murky chocolate water wormhole of terrors and paddle through the anxious imagery, because moving forward is the only way to go. Closing with a full moon, the Wonka theme statics into a synonymous sample of Armstrong’s wonky view when he misplaced the “a” in his original quote:

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”  


Integrating Earth’s listeners, the tribe calls out racial inferiorities in “The Space Program.” From the outer edging of the puzzle, a remixed sample gives an example of displacement within their comparing quote:

“a small step for mankind, but a giant leap for us.”  




At the peak of the atmosphere, A Tribe Called Quest, their MC comrades, and rock legends cut the cable of expectancy and rewire themselves through every genre, translucent in “Dis Generation.” Speculators will find 70s reggae, bright 60s guitar melodies, heavy funk hypnotic bass lines, and liberated beat pauses where silence emphasizes particular words. “Melatonin” helps us to dream in color, giving insight to how diversity coats a palate crucial for authenticity. Massive counts were touched deeply through this album as Phife Dawg transcends through Earth and the ether in the album’s making, leaving Q-Tip and his supporters to continue sculpting an album that serves as a memorial for innocent lives levitated from lack of unity.
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HAM for the Holidays 🍗🎄

There's no place like HAM.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! While we know the majority of you are currently full tilt in your dad's Lay-Z-Boy, nursing a mashed potato belly watching the Hallmark Channel, our thoughts are with the holiday misfits out there burning up the aisles of local retail establishments in search of a deal, the deal, ANY DEAL. Bless their hearts, because we just made holiday shopping so frickin' easy. 

This week, each member of the Ham Fam picked out some HOLIDAY HAM for that special someone, and paired it with a few gift options to boot. Hopefully, you'll get inspired. If not, go stuff yourselves 🦃




Special Someone: SISTER


I chose TREAT YO ELF! because Parks and Recreation is the best show of all time! Plus, in the spirit of 'treat yo self' day, sometimes the best things/gifts are unnecessary! 

 The Swag

STAY HOME CLUB anything!


pretty embroidery of a plant since neither of us can keep a real one alive! ​


And a Saint Celeb candle just because!




Special Someone: AN OFFICE CRUSH

I choose XXXmas because I have no chill. 


The Swag

Custom pencils because they're cute, practical, useful, and the fact that you put special words on them or inside jokes, proves you're paying attention.


A movie gift certificate is a sly way to suggest a date ... load the gift card with enough money for 2 tickets, but only 1 popcorn and 1 drink.  


In tribute to one of the best episodes of The Office, giving your office crush an iPod (and let's be serious, by now they have to be like $25 or less) will truly test their sense of humor, and if they don't get the joke, they don't get that booty either.




Special Someone: THE MAILMAN

I chose Ralphie because the mailman has so much schlepping to do around the holiday season, I'm sure he gets sick of it now and then!


The Swag

FREAKER FEET! For his feet!


A nice Forever Flask for foods and drinks on the go. 


And SKIN STUFF (because weather does a number to your skin).




Special Someone: BFF

I choose the WISH YOU WERE HERE card for my bff, Cortney because we never get to spend he holidays together anymore! We grew up together and after she graduated her parents moved away so she is never home for the holidays anymore. Long distance bffs are the worst!


The Swag

She is expecting her first baby in January and these malas from Phoenix Makes are the loveliest I have ever seen (and double as baby teethers)! They are made by hand with natural wood beads and food grade, non toxic, BPA-free silicone.


My bff lives in Toronto and it gets so cold, these scarfs from West Side Stitchery are adorable and so cozy! Just three girls who love to knit, making fun things.


These stuffed shrimp are really for her cat (Syd), but I didn't want him feeling out especially with a baby on the way!




Special Someone: MOM

I grew up listening to BOWIE, plus moms are rockstars, so this seems like the best choice for her.


The Swag

Moms love jewelry, especially when its as beautiful as I LIKE IT HERE CLUB and these Horus Hoops are everything and more.


My mom is always looking for fun things for their beach house. It doesn't get much better than this beautiful marine inspired gold leaf jellyfish piece by Sullivan Anlyan.


We all love a hip mom, but no one likes their mom trying to look too hip. Enter Rove & Roam, the effortlessly chic line made for every woman ... even Mom.




Special Someone: THE WEED MAN



You can't LIGHT UP THE TREE this holiday season without the guy who keeps you lit all year long.



Depending on how you're indulging, the ganj can get a lil skunky at times. Count on a good quality soy candle from The Burlap Bag to clear the air.


Haha, this is so necessary. The perfect pot holder for your pot holder - and you'll pay less than a dime bag!


I don't think Magic Eye books are in print anymore, but Amazon has tons of 'em! It's that next level ish. Can also serve as double medication for your glaucoma!



Happy Holidays! Stay tuned to our Instagram for a special Black Friday deal tomorrow!

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