Listen Up: St. Vincent blesses ears with year's best album

Maybe you’ve heard that our girl Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) is receiving tons of accolades these days. Her self-titled album was voted best of 2014 by anyone with ears and good taste in music including NME, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, NPR, Paste, Pitchfork, and the list goes on and on times infinity. Yeah. She’s a big fecking deal — so big, in fact, she needed her very own TAY HAM!

BEHOLD! Now St. Vincent has been twice canonized for your listening and sharing pleasure!

If you’re unfamiliar with the saintliest of rock babes, allow us to help you get freshly obsessed.



You're welcome.
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Hail to the V: The 2015 music issue is full of swoon


V Magazine’s music issue is about to drop and PHEW — it just got real hot in here. 

Each of the four covers of Issue 93 (on newsstands January 15th) includes one of today’s rising stars of pop, soul and R&B. These are the string pullers, feeling makers, gut punchers and beat droppers of 2015, y’all, so pay attention, and get ready to swoon your brains out.

The Voice: SAM SMITH

 At this point everyone (including priests and grandmas) has had their underwear melted by the velvety-rich voice of Sam Smith. His demographic reach is boundless, mostly due to the fact that his songs wield such heart power that they position themselves to become every breakup, makeup, hung up and meet up songs we’ll ever need until the end of time.

Recommended Listening: Latch - Acoustic



The Vision: FKA TWIGS

She’s the future of experimental pop music and any of her whispery-voiced, ethereal tracks could place you in a dreamlike trance. Alternatively, with the volume cranked up, her use of punk-influenced beats and industrial sounds could blow the clothes right off your back.

Recommended Listening: Two Weeks


 The Vixen: TINASHE

Tinashe describes her musical style as an amalgamation of “urban, rhythmic and pop.” With influences from indie, alternative and hip hop added to the mix, she’s a modern witch of sorts. Her sound is reminiscent of the smooth R&B of the late 90s/early 00’s, but with the effortless swag of today.

Recommended Listening: 2 On




GAH. This girl is where it’s fucking at. Whether you’re getting ready for a night out, or staying in instead, Jessie Ware makes music for naked people. It’s inevitable, so don’t fight it.

Recommended Listening: Champagne Kisses

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Ham Reading: What’s in the cards for 2015?

2014 is DUNZO, y’all! It was a stellar year and we couldn’t be more stoked for the one ahead.

Pretty soon we’ll be rolling out a fresh batch of TAYHAMS for you to feast your eyes upon, but today it’s all about the resolutions, baby!

Here to share their goals for 2015 are some of our best pals from years past.

"This year I resolve to christen my third bathtub on MTV Cribs, wiggle back into my American flag bikini and capture Ariana Grande’s voice in a golden seashell to wear around my neck until the end of time."

Love Always,




- Ru


"DUH. Drink wine with diamonds in the glass. HEY! UH UH UH UH!"  








"Survive, bro."

- D.D.



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Holiday Knockout: WTF is Boxing Day?

Happy Day After, y’all! December 26th is typically known as the day of the gift receipt. All across the land Wal*Mart stores are brimming with unsatisfied gift receivers hell-bent on liquidating pairs of White Stag jeans, Faded Glory woven leather belts and Calgon gift sets for cold hard cash they’ll take next door to Target.

If you're from a Commonwealth nation like Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Africa or Jamaica today is known as Boxing Day. Traditionally, Boxing Day is when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, or “boxes” from their bosses or employers. However, like most of “the help” holidays (I’m looking at you Secretary’s Day and Nurse’s Week) it’s really just another day to get completely trashed with friends and order cheap shit off of the internet.

So, without further ado, and basically no clue, here’s some gratuitous images of boxers!

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Obsessed: SERIAL listener

OK, so I just found out about NPR’s newest podcast SERIAL and I’m already obsessed.

One of the things that’s making Serial so popular is that it follows the same formula as those grimy crime dramas you’ve been binge watching on Netflix. The characters, plot twists, rabbit holes and new clue anticipation all taste like they’ve stewed in the same pot as The Killing and True Detective — but that’s literally not the case.

The This American Life spin-off that began in October is real reporting about true crime. For a whole year, host Sarah Koenig has been trying to figure out where 17-year-old Adnan Syed was for 21 minutes after school back in 1999 — a missing gap of information that lead to the arrest and conviction of the high school senior for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae-Min Lee. Syed is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

The outcome and reception of the podcast are varied — labyrinthine at best — and there’s definitely the possibility that it could really piss some people off. But given the current climate of police investigation and affairs, it could be the spark needed to keep the conversation burning.

The 12th and final episode of Serial: Season One was released today. If you start now, you’ll be done by tomorrow.

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Sooo … Art Basel happened

Did you just find yourself asking, “What the feck is Art Basel?” If so, I’m going to tell you, but let me start by saying it’s not the middle name of one half of the band Simon and Garfunkel. And it’s not some new hydroponically grown herb from Oregon - although that could make the experience all that more enlightening.

Art Basel (pronounced BAH-ZIL) is actually a kick-ass Modern and contemporary art show held annually in Basel, Switzerland (oh, ok!), Hong Kong and Miami Beach, Florida. For 44 years the show has taken the world stage to exhibit famous works, support galleries and nurture emerging artists. The 2014 exhibition wrapped in Miami Beach last week. Did I mention it’s tooootally kick-ass?

Here’s a peek at some of works that were displayed throughout the year:

Miami Beach

Hong Kong



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