My Loves

So very thankful for the special creatures that fill the blue building with love, light, purrs, and furs.


(Waffles the shop kitty pictured above, inside.)

<3 Happy Holidays <3

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Grab 'Em By The Ballot!

HEY! HAMERICANS! While we try not to keep things light around here, exercising our right to vote is vital for a healthy democracy. (And way easier than burpees.) So remember, it's never too early to start a conversation! Get informed on
 local elections, the primaries and all the other things.
Make sure you run - or briskly stroll - to your nearest polling place and flex on 'em!

Not registered? Click HERE!

Birth Control


100% of sales will go directly to Planned Parenthood.
Don't let the system get you down.  ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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School Supplies 101

It's that time of year when you break out the jean jacket and switch to tea (for like two days.) Getting a new notebook is another great way to mark the season. Feeling accomplished and invigorated you decide to make a list...
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HIYA! And welcome to our first official TAY HAM Shoplight! Starting today - every month-ish we'll say - we're spotlighting one of our favorite paper havens, their mavens, and a miscellany of fun facts about all of the above. In case you were wondering, this idea didn't spring from a lack of content, no; just honestly a general, non-creepy desire to put the ol pretend-stretch-and-side-hug move on PARCEL's (@parcelpaperco) owner, Brianne. Apart from being one of our favorite paper pushers, she's a writer, a Diet Coke enthusiast, and a patron saint of dank memes. So move over, Maya Angelou, there's a new voice of the century in town!

Brianne, Owner, P A R C E L

Opened in 2015, P A R C E L is Castle Rock, CO's favorite paper dispensary, supplying letterheads from far and wide with an assortment of snarky greeting cards, unique gifts, party decor (SUCK IT, PARTY CITY!), and even custom designs. But TeeBeeHch, we're 65% here for Brianne's signature brand of witty, outspoken, and unabashedly self-deprecating sense of humor. Her Instagram feed and stories are a delight, oft-times hitting the same pleasure sensor of the brain as a Reese's Egg. From daily personal aesthetics, to recent shoe snags, to memes that conjure up a resounding "SAME" from all corners of our office, there's n'ere a post we don't like the most. Here's a sampling: 

TOLDJA! We're here for it and can't get enough. That's why we sent a very important questionnaire Brianne's way and beseeched her to respond via her favorite mode of communication. Obviously, the video format is off on this platform, but please feel free to suspend your disbelief for the remainder of our session. Thanks and enjoy!

They (Oprah) say everything's in a name - why Parcel?

Current foot statement? What kinds of sneakies are on them feetsies?!

What's the weirdest thing to ever happen in your shop?

Best political advice for the current climate?

Any pocket snacks today? Best snack to have ever been pocketed?

What's your opinion of these new Diet Coke flavors?

What's your 2018 aesthetic (so far)?

Do you have a favorite TAY HAM? Which/why?

FOLLOW P A R C E L/Brianne on Instagram!

P A R C E L online!

LISTEN to @drinksafterworkpod starring Brianne and @themattbutler!
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Summer is almost over and the three dreaded words that every kid fears are currently on the tips of all the department store’s tongues: BACK TO SCHOOL. Thankfully, for us, the anxiety of the looming first day is long gone; now all that’s left is nostalgia for Trapper Keepers, pizza baskets, and the scent that follows cracking a fresh pack of pencil top erasers.
We wanted a way to recreate all those elementary feels, so we piled into the company Delorean and put together a little picture day of our own. SAY CHEEEESE!







Is it nap time yet? 
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WMUH: Happy Half-Birthday, 2017!


And just like that, 2017 is halfway done. (Sorry, optimists. No way around this one.) A lot has happened in the last six months and the Ham Fam has some serious catching up to do. So let's not dawdle. Here's 207 days worth of What's Making Us Happy. 

Sooo much has already happened this year! TAY HAM got a new HQ - it's blue and big enough to do cartwheels in! Our Tonya Harding-inspired card made it into the New York Times! And oh yeah, I had a baby and tortured everyone for nine months by not revealing the name 😬

I think with the everything happening in politics, news, and just the climate of society, musicians are putting out some great music right now to bring us together, lift us up, and get our spirits a little higher.  

St. Vincent: New York
Sza: Control
Grizzly Bear: Four Cypresses
The National: The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
Alt-J: Relaxer
Rihanna: whatever song she's featured on or releases

I've always liked reading about other people's lives. Joan Didion's South & West is a great summer read that makes you want to pack up and hit the highway, stop in a roadside motels, eat at greasy spoons, and just see. I think I connected with her writing because she reminds me of my aunt Carolyn, the aunt that on a sunny summer day is wearing her vintage black bikini (because she still has it from years ago, not because she bought it at a hip new shop), her husband's white dress shirt with the collar popped as a cover-up, and some of the most fantastic sunglasses you've ever seen- and she's probably carrying on about some divine meal at an unknown restaurant, or sharing her very valid opinion on whatever topic.

In closing, I suggest you YouTube Sasha Velour So Emotional. You're welcome.

I think Netflix is killing it in 2017 so far with some of the best seasons of already favorite shows, and great new content. Masters of None came out strong with a great second season. It is so different than any other show and sometimes the second season can suffer when the first season is so good, but that's not the case!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had the funniest season yet. I love anything that Tina Fey is involved in, and have been giving this show the benefit of the doubt but haven't been totally on board. Titus's Lemonade spoof was brilliant and had me literally loling. 

Glow is a new show that just came out that totally deserves a watch. It's set in the 80's so you instantly get that nostalgic, fun feeling that decade had. 

Special shoutout to Orange is the New Black, and that new Stranger Things trailer looks crazy! Keep it up, Netflix! 

Um, if you have been going around saying this is your year, please see yourself to the nearest exit ASAP because 2017 belongs to Celine Dion. Celine has always been my queen, my heart, my human soundtrack, and apparently now I have to share. If she wasn't already in your DIVA TOP 3, that changed the moment she touched that Sabrett's to her lips curbside during the Met Gala. A month later we saw her put all of our nudie GAP dressing room selfies to shame when she bared all in a post to Vogue's Instagram - just one in a series that highlighted her reign at Paris Fashion Week. However, the culmination of Dion's World Takeover Tour is probably this video showing peak Celine hat humping in baby's breath haute couture. Be still my heart.   

This human is my favorite thing I've found in 2017, scratch that ... IN MY LIFETIME. She is all I need. She a light in dark times, she is my spirit animal, she is my everything. If I have a baby, and it doesn't come out as Ava Ryan, I'm sending it back. 
P.S. "I'm craving some SUSH"

All the magic that is coming from the solo boys now that One Direction is done. Harry Styles' solo album is amazing and he's somehow even cuter than before. Niall's "Slow Hands" is constantly stuck in my head. Pretty much everything those boys are doing is making me happy lately!

Propagating succulents. I've been attempting and failing at propagating little succulent babies for like a year; then all of a sudden within the last month or two, all the babies are sprouting and they're so cool! I don't have any green thumbs to speak of, so I'm pretty excited!

I know I'm a little late to the game for having just watched FX's Fargo, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I love that each season can stand on its own, but that if you do watch them all in order, there are so many little characters and references from other seasons. I feel like it's so well written and the overall aesthetic of the show is so good. Especially in season 2 -- all of the 70s clothes and decor are the best. 

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