What's Making Us Happy Vol. 3

Peace. Three fingers.


Hello and welcome to the third installment of What's Making Us Happy! The subject matter is as colorful as it is varied this week, so let's jump right in!



The accidental censorship at the US Olympics is making me very happy this week.





The new Happy Potter script book is making me happy! It was short but great to be back in that world, even for a little bit!


(actual photo of Jess picking up her copy)




 What makes me happy? #Girlboss Radio. It's hosted by Sophia Amoruso, founder of NASTYGAL, and it’s like my personal mentoring hour.

It’s hard to find some real talk/business conversations that don’t take place in boardrooms where they use words and language you don’t understand. Her guests are always women who blaze a trail in their industry, from PooPouri to US Secretary of Defense.  Who runs the world? Girl (bosses).




I just discovered Thriftbooks and I'm not sure how I didn't know about it before?!

It's basically a website where you can buy new and used books for like, DOLLARS - cheaper than eBay! And I think it's free US shipping when you spend over $10. They also do bundles, so if you buy multiple books in the same category, you get a better deal. They're really descriptive about the condition of the used books.

I ordered a vintage Babar book! It arrived and the illustrations are so cute AND the whole book is written in cursive font, which makes my heart so happy! Cursve or GTFO!



Um, the return of Crystal Pepsi is making me happy this week for the following reasons:

- It breaks all the soda rules

- Nostalgia is my god

- It sounds really skanky, like the kind of soft drink that smokes Capri Ultras and drives a Mustang



- It's only here for 8 weeks

- We waited 23 years for 8 weeks?!

- The nostalgia clock starts back at zero in . . . 8 weeks






I literally just heard about Radiooooo.com yesterday! It's a website that's collected music from different countries and different eras!


Just click the country and choose the era. There's even fake places like Party Island and Neverland. I can't wait to go to there!


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