HIYA! And welcome to our first official TAY HAM Shoplight! Starting today - every month-ish we'll say - we're spotlighting one of our favorite paper havens, their mavens, and a miscellany of fun facts about all of the above. In case you were wondering, this idea didn't spring from a lack of content, no; just honestly a general, non-creepy desire to put the ol pretend-stretch-and-side-hug move on PARCEL's (@parcelpaperco) owner, Brianne. Apart from being one of our favorite paper pushers, she's a writer, a Diet Coke enthusiast, and a patron saint of dank memes. So move over, Maya Angelou, there's a new voice of the century in town!

Brianne, Owner, P A R C E L

Opened in 2015, P A R C E L is Castle Rock, CO's favorite paper dispensary, supplying letterheads from far and wide with an assortment of snarky greeting cards, unique gifts, party decor (SUCK IT, PARTY CITY!), and even custom designs. But TeeBeeHch, we're 65% here for Brianne's signature brand of witty, outspoken, and unabashedly self-deprecating sense of humor. Her Instagram feed and stories are a delight, oft-times hitting the same pleasure sensor of the brain as a Reese's Egg. From daily personal aesthetics, to recent shoe snags, to memes that conjure up a resounding "SAME" from all corners of our office, there's n'ere a post we don't like the most. Here's a sampling: 

TOLDJA! We're here for it and can't get enough. That's why we sent a very important questionnaire Brianne's way and beseeched her to respond via her favorite mode of communication. Obviously, the video format is off on this platform, but please feel free to suspend your disbelief for the remainder of our session. Thanks and enjoy!

They (Oprah) say everything's in a name - why Parcel?

Current foot statement? What kinds of sneakies are on them feetsies?!

What's the weirdest thing to ever happen in your shop?

Best political advice for the current climate?

Any pocket snacks today? Best snack to have ever been pocketed?

What's your opinion of these new Diet Coke flavors?

What's your 2018 aesthetic (so far)?

Do you have a favorite TAY HAM? Which/why?

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