School Supplies 101

It's that time of year when you break out the jean jacket and switch to tea (for like two days.) Getting a new notebook is another great way to mark the season. Feeling accomplished and invigorated you decide to make a list.

Purge closet, wash dog, prune plants, clean out fridge.

You use the lingering feelings of achievement to write a blog about school supplies instead. Your first blog in a year. The last one was about school supplies too. We really are creatures of habit, huh?

Our seasonal rituals have been engrained into us since we were kids. The cool air was synonymous with Back-To-School shopping. You could tell a lot by someone from the contents of their backpacks. 

In the spirit of list making, we broke down the cliques and crews behind the school supplies of yesteryear.

Old Soul: Composition notebook and a no. 2 pencil.

The Old Soul loved the clean, no fuss, style just like their forefathers before them. However, tearing a page out of a composition notebook was less than perfect. They spent their formative years trying to right the wrong. You can find the Old Soul working on their Kickstarter for the new and improved Composition notebook.

Middle Child: Five Star 5 subject notebook and somebody else's pen.

The Middle Child wanted to be the best but just couldn't quite get it together. They thought this all-in-one notebook would fix everything. Unfortunately, the folders just didn't hold enough. Many a homework assignments were lost in the shuffle. You can find the Middle Child searching for one of their five children's backpacks as the school bus pulls away.

Class Clown: Yikes Pencils and a fully stocked Trapper Keeper.

The Class Clown never turned down an opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Too bad the only thing those crazy erasers were good for was catching your neighbors eye and tearing holes into your loose leaf paper. You can find the Class Clown hosting the local news and giving it all he's got.

Teacher's Pet: Lisa Frank everything.

The Teacher's Pet was front and center raising her perfectly manicured tween hand high into the air. She was just about as cute and annoying as the golden retriever on her Lisa Frank backpack. You can find the Teacher's Pet holding a super great sign at the latest Women's Rights protest. 


 As per usual, we have a card for the occasion. 


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