A Tay Ham Guide to The New Holiday Classics

Hams will roll.



Tis the season we look to our holiday traditions to put us in a merry mood.


Trimming the tree, caroling, and cake decorating are all time-honored activities basted in nostalgia, and have served as a comforting routine up until now. But as a wise Sheryl Crow once said, "A change would do you good." So it's with that sagely sentiment, that we've decided to veer - ever so slightly - from the path our forefathers set forth, and strike out a new set of practices that really get our seasonal juices flowing. We hope you enjoy.


Tunes: Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke 

Sorry, Burl Ives. You barely made it to compact disc, let alone starred in one of late late night TV's most popular segments. So for that reason we're gonna have to pass on you while wrapping presents this year, and let YouTube plow through every Carpool Karaoke ever, starting with THE pop diva and her popped out cleavage.

Views: Gremlins

To be fair, we know there’s a whole slew of nontraditional Christmas films out there - we’ve been watching for years. But when setting a new solid gold seasonal standard, there’s a few boxes that need to be ticked. Gremlins is the underrated holiday film that gets double checks in the following categories: Cutest Pet, Fugliest Foe, Best/Worst List of Rules To Follow, Unapologetic Cheese, Best Blender Scene in a Major Motion Picture.

Drinks: Mele Kalikimaka Martinis 

If eggnog ain’t your thang, we’ve got just the drink that’ll get you on the wagon. It combines pineapple vodka, warm spices, and of course, the Christmastime nectar of the gods. It’s basically a holiday Pina Colada! Trust us, the Mele Kalikimaka Martini is the wise way to say Merry Chrunkmas to the masses. GET THE RECIPE.

 Eats: Take Out

Ordering out isn’t a new thing either, but the need to do less holiday cooking is. May we suggest Moo Shoo to-go? If it’s not your traditional Chinese take out option, all the better. In this dish, stir-fried Shiitake mushrooms and crunchy cabbage mingle in a sweet brown sauce made of soy, rice wine and pepper; but that’s not the best part. It’s served with pancakes - light and thin, like a flour tortilla - which, after assembling and topping with some super sweet and complex Hoisin sauce, makes this dish CHINESE TACOS. Fa-la-la-la-la. You’re welcome.


Treats: Herbed Cookies

Last year around this time we posted a blog purely dedicated to the art of baking goodies. The naughty kind. Welp, another turn around the sun and the art of cannabis cookies still delights the senses. Follow any of these fun RECIPES and visions of sugar plums are sure to follow.


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