WE BOUGHT A FARM starring Jon and Tracey Stewart

Great News! After almost two decades of working the night shift at Comedy Central, our favorite comedian, political megaphone and all around silver fox, Jon Stewart, has a day job!

The former Daily Show host, along with his wife, Tracey, bought the farm! (A 12-acre, non-profit farm in Middletown, NJ purchased in 2013 to be precise.) Bufflehead Farm is now a base-camp for rescuing and raising awareness against animal cruelty - particularly livestock abused in factory farm environments.

OMGAAAH. Look at these two. It's like Paul and Linda 2.0.

With the addition of the farm, the Stewart’s extended family now includes cows, pigs, sheep and turkeys. The aim: educating folks on how friendship with animals inhabits a larger plane than just those consisting of domesticated house pets like dogs and cats. But for good measure, here’s some of our favorite shots of Jon with cute whittle woof woofs and mew mews.

Stewart wasn't a stranger to animal advocacy on The Daily Show, either. Remember that time he went after New Jersey governor, Chris Christie for opposing a state bill banning abhorrently small pig gestation crates? We do - partially because the segment had an HAMAZING name (Porks and Habitation), but mostly because we, too, want pigs everywhere to experience a nice, comfortable farm life like Babe.

Recently, Jon and Tracey attended Farm Sanctuary’s 2015 Gala in New York City where they announced their farm and education center would become the NJ branch of the animal advocate organization. This partnership will undoubtedly open doors for new advocates, curious learners and is just one step closer to bringing balance to the human/animal force. CONFETTI EMOJIS!!! Queue the Lion King soundtrack!

That’s not all. The proverbial cherry on top of this story is Tracey’s new book, Do Unto Animals. It’s a friendly guide to how animals live and how we can keep them living happily. It’s already ranked as the number one book about animal husbandry on Amazon. GLEEEEEE!!! Listen to her interview with NPR here.


MORE GREAT NEWS! Now you can wax political with your mates, greats or whoever will listen with your very own Jon Stewart inspired card! It's a damn handsome greeting if we do say so ourselves.


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