Melancholy and the Infinite Sassness: April Henry's Existential Texts Are Everything

Alright you sad sacks, it's time to take your power back! That's the message poet and artist April Henry is sending with her project "Texts From Your Existentialist." Her work pairs historical art and film stills with highly unmotivational, conscious-driven text bubbles that skewer subjects like social angst, introversion and sexual identity. The objective: give the Melancholy Molly's of the world a voice. And now that we've heard what they have to say, WE WANNA BE IN THE SAD GIRLS CLUB SO BAD! Sprinkle in Henry's hilarious captions and you have the existential equivalent of "fuck right off a cliff" to the classic "hang in there, baby." It's sassy. It's tragically empowering. It's anti-fuckboy. Dare we say it's on fleek?


 Stop trying to make being alive happen, w/ #Hayez.



So, like, can I be conscious more sporadically, or? w/ Clueless.


The human experience won't leave me alone, w/ #Picasso.


If hell is other people, I'm glad it's not me w/ #Lautrec.


Kiss me, I don't know who I am w/#EdmundBlairLeighton.


A cute date idea would be synchronized isolation w/ #JaneBirkin.


"I wonder if it's possible to have a love affair that lasts forever." The sads w/ #AndyWarhol



You can't gaze with us w/ #VoltechPreissig.


At it's core, existentialism posits that people are individuals -- not labels, stereotypes or preconceived notions. That's a hard sell in 2015. But we do what we can to keep 'em guessing.







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