Fresh Thread Friday: The Embroidery of James Merry

We're all suckers for Bjork around here -- she fills us with all of the glittery feelings. And while we know how bright she shines on her own, we just discovered a crucial piece of her exterior sparkle.

Meet James Merry. He's worked alongside Bjork for over 6 years sewing her every whimsy (including the pearl studded, neon swirled "techno-Victorian-moth mask" she wore at the Governors Ball Music Festival in June).

Like Bjork, Merry is from Iceland. His most recent project -- classic sportswear embroidered with flora and fungi  -- is inspired by the Nordic island's natural surroundings. At the root, his art is about transformation: taking something super urban and machine made and barren, and fertilizing it. Now iconic symbols like the Nike swoosh cradles tiny arctic flowers and all the norm cores are dashing out for needles and thread.

Follow James Merry on Instagram: @j.t.merry

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