Major Blazing with Lizzie and Kat!

By now you know we're total freaks for Beverly Hills 90210, so you can imagine the meltdown that occurred when we Tumbld across this 20 karat diamond of a podcast.

The Blaze -- named for West Beverly's award-winning high school newspaper -- is the 90210 podcast you've been dreaming of. Each week listeners are guided by our newly anointed spirit animals, Lizzie and Kat, through an episode of our all-time FAHAVORITE teen soap featuring America's most popular zip code, or more specifically, the lives of America's most popular public high school students that dwell in America's most popular zip code. (Unless you want to get technical and pull the Andrea Zuckerman card since she lives with her grandmother on the other side of town, but secretly commutes in hopes that a West Bev attendance record will cushion her application to an Ivy League school.)

TBWLK, along with featured guest-fans deliciously sifts through the major themes of seasons 1 and 2 (so far) including: underage-banana-daquiri-drinking, former-model-turned-substance-abusing-mother, and suicidal-guest-slash-future-star-of-Friends-Matthew Perry. They even whittle each episode down to the satisfying minutiae like Steve Sanders' vanity license plate number. This big ol blur of Spandex is as fun and gossipy and dramatic as it gets.

We've outlined some of the essential installments below. And in true Lizzie and Kat fashion, we suggest you wash them all down with a nice bottle of screw top wine and some honey mustard pretzels. Enjoy!



001 Class of Beverly Hills

DUH. You have to start with the pilot episode. It's where you meet chummy do-gooding twin brother and sister Brenda and Brandon Walsh (fresh out the station wagon from Minnesota) along with Kelly Taylor (ANJ unfortunately), Donna Martin, Steve Sanders, David Silver and 38-year-old Andrea Zuckerman.


002 The Green Room

DOUBLE DUH. Dreamboat Dylan McKay shows up in episode 2. He's way skinnier than we remember, but that eyebrow scar can do no wrong.



007 Perfect Mom

 OH SHOOT. West Bev is hosting a mother-daughter fashion event and Brenda wants to ditch Mrs. Cindy for Kelly's boozehound coke-snorting mother. But in Jackie's defense, she was hardcore rocking a smoky eye decades before it was in vogue. (Three snaps in Z formation!)


021 Spring Dance

OK, episode 21 is like, the benchmark (and our favorite) episode in arguably the entire Beverly Hills 90210 omnibus. Fires are ignited between Brenda and Kelly (and elsewhere oh la la) that are never truly extinguished. TEAM BRENDA!

See? The dedication is real. We even made a card.




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