Alexandra Kehayoglou: Magic Carpet Maker

Shag carpet instantly conjures images of spending summer days at a grandparent's house. Remember those long, yarn-y threads you'd absentmindedly run your fingers through like a comb as you laid on the floor watching Aladdin for the seventeenth time? Ah, shag. It was the carpeting material of a past time, just like the textile traditions practiced by Alexandra Kehayoglou, a weaver of the most magical rugs we've ever seen.



While her technique is rooted in traditions developed thousands of years ago in Asia Minor (introduced to her by her Greek immigrant grandparents), Kehayoglou's aesthetic sprouts from the earth in her native Argentina. After graduating with a visual arts degree, she began hand-tufting rugs that look like the lush pastures and grassland terrains of Patagonia. Their topographical features -- thanks in part to shag carpet -- gives depth, and her use of electric moss greens and cyclops eye blues breathe life into each piece. If you look hard enough, a trippy mist is probably slinking through the marshy segments.



Last September, one of her largest carpets --  nearly double the length of a tennis court -- was used as a runway for the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten at Paris Fashion Week. 

We're not sure how much they cost, but the studio could use some hand-tufted terrain. This could be us everyday:


Learn more about Alexandra Kehayoglou HERE.
Follow her on Instagram: @alexkeha

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