No Prob, Bob!

So, summer is finally here and it has us feeling youthfully nostalgic for foil-topped juice drinks, garden hoses with sprinkler attachments and daytime television. Well, we say daytime, but what we really mean is before noon. That’s when the magic happened. When we spent every day watching hours of cartoons like it was Saturday morning. But if there was one show that the entire Nickelodeon lineup couldn’t compete with, it was The Price is Right. Contestants Row, The Showcase Showdown, PLINKO – it was the crown jewel of a half-wasted day in front of the TV. And what better captain to steer the sturdiest game show ship of all time than the one and only Bob Barker?



Bob was a dream maker, an animal lover and a “home sick” companion for so many. Life has a funny way of marking great champions – the surname Barker was no doubt reserved for someone like Bob, whose passion for animal rights has burned white hot for over three decades. It was after the death of his wife, Dorothy Jo, in 1981 that he began signing off of every show with “Help control the pet population. Have you pets spayed or neutered.” His love and respect for her animal-rights activism has only strengthened in the years leading up to his retirement from television and long after.


To date, he has donated a fortune to animal rights groups including PETA, and the Sea Shepard Conservation Society, who used his generous gift of $5,000,000 to purchase and outfit a boat that can obstruct Japanese whaling fleets. Bob even funded the cost of a helicopter that accompanies the society’s fleet. Why? Because he’s a motherfucking BOSS, that's why! It’s also the reason why he has been inducted into the pantheon of TAY HAMs. Big-hearted, sagely, and still funkadelic as hell, he’s a spirit we had to capture. Now, that pearly white smile/hair and iconic skinny microphone are apart of our new collection. We can’t wait to spread Bob’s good word all over the world.




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