Oh gifs. What magical little captured moments they are. Even if you still haven’t figured out the correct way to pronounce them, chances are you’ve sent one. (Or a thousand.) They’re just so addictive. And let’s face it, emoji’s have their emotional limits; gifs are the gifTs that keep on giving.

So without further ado, here’s our favorite gifs of the week.

LOL! This meme ol llama is EVERYTHING! No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade!




PEPPER JAM! HAHAHA! Denny’s Tumblr has been KILLING IT lately. And that’s good because their milkshakes always have. Bravo, America’s Favorite Diner. Way to step up your internet game for the stoner demographic.


Infinity poops! (Is it bad that I'm craving Taco Bell now?)


DUH THERE’S A GAME OF THRONES GIF IN THE MIX! We just had to add one of the sweetest, most tense moments in GoT history. Mama and baby go on their first ride together, except this was way better than that drive around the Wal-Mart parking lot when you got your learner’s permit.


A Leo/Titanic/Matilda gif mash-up?! Please tell me, WHAT ELSE IS THERE??


Me when Prince Eric steered that boat into Ursula the sea witch. 


OMG. gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!


I mean, this gif's got maaaad layers.




Extended cut


Rihanna hosted a Flintstones-themed party and shook her pebbles every chance she got.


Oh, Jurassic Park is still 10x’s better than Jurassic World will ever be?


And speaking of Jurassic things, here’s our shameless self-plug, gif-style! NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH. Gettin' Jiggly With It.


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