The Best Wurszt Recipes for Spring Greens

Spring is here and it does what it wants! In a matter of days the temperature has changed out of a large sweater into a comfortable medium v-neck tee, flowers have burst from the earth like a trick can of worms and cars have gotten their first pollen spray tan. Yep, our favorite transitional equinox is a total verb.

Spring is also the most prosperous time of year for farmer's markets. Visit one on any spring day and you'll see vendors touting their early harvests like fine silks. Bearded beets still crusty with dirt, husky orbs of sweet onion, floral honey, jeweled berries and rolling fields of herbs and greens are now all at your glorious disposal. Lucky for you I've found some fun foodie inspo that will help incorporate some fresh seasonal produce into your weekly meals.

Enter Barbara Dziadosz (Instagram: @barbarawurszt). Originally from a little town in northern Poland, Barbara is currently finishing up studies in Hamburg and is a freelance illustrator specializing in printmaking and character design. Her most recent undertaking? A cookbook! Each of her worldly recipes are illustrated in her signature retro slash avant garde style and feature ingredients you can nab from your local farmer's market. The recipes do not include instructions yet, but consider your shopping list complete.


Green Smoothies are the quickest way to maximize your green veggie intake. They give you an energy boost, keep you lean and your poop will be fun! Voila! Breakfast made easy.

Sometimes simple recipes are the hardest to pull off but c'mon, it's pizza. Plus, farm-fresh cheeses are the BEST. Upgrade your office pizza party with this perfect pie.

Sure it's springtime, but that doesn't mean there won't be a few nippy nights lingering about. The kale and sweet potato play nicely and the pasta makes this soup a hearty and satisfying departure from your winter comfort foods.

People be picklin'! Any why not? Pickles are good with errthang -- sammies, salads and straight from the jar! Plus, it you overbuy at the market, you now have zero excuse for food waste.

Chill, brah. Basil isn't just for spaghetti sauce. Basil the the herbiest herb with bright licorice notes and is downright refreshing when paired with fresh citrus. Besides, it's been a long week. You deserve to get smashed.


For more of Barbara's work and recipes visit: or

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