Candy Crush: Berlin-based artist slash rapper bends genders . . . and steel bars

Meet Candy Ken. He's a 22-year-old Austrian-born Berlin-based artist and rapper who has muscled his way into the subbest sub-culture of the hip hop genre with a mouth full of metal and face covered in temporary tattoos. Blue gem-studded grillz, tiaras, nail polish, cray cray contact lenses, human dolls and a Hello Kitty obsession that rivals our own are just a few of his choice accoutrements. Pair them with parkour, a set of lats like juicy meatloaves and pose on a backdrop of florescent pastels and you have 34.5% of this dude's maniacal gender-bending artistry. Currently, he has six rap videos that are so ridiculous they're brilliant. He cites RiFF RaFF as a big inspiration (so basically we're sold) and even has a song called "RiFF RaFF iS MA DADDY." Candy says his main goal is to inspire, and with his Instagram (@candyken69) recently catching the eyes of designers from Diesel and Adidas, he's doing just that.

In conclusion, Candy Ken is pretty much the perfect ratio of snakes and snails and My Little Pony tails, and that's why we love him so.


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