Areola View: A peek at the new graphic sensation

We’re always interested in what our fellow indie makers are up to – what’s driving them musically, what mediums they’re dabbling in and who or what’s currently inspiring their work. And after padding through the medias this week, there’s one trend that’s the absolute breast.


BOOBS! Boobs everywhere! (No, not you, American Apparel.) We’re taking wallpaper, t-shirts and vases. Boobs are becoming graphically mainstream and we’re totally feeling it. But what’s fueling the resurgence? One theory is Free the Nipple, a 2014 film based on a true story that follows a group of topless young women who take to the streets of NYC in an effort to decriminalize the female body.



Remember that whole “Burn Your Bra” thing? It’s sad this issue is still being revisited decades later, but this could be nipping point, people. And what better way to desensitize the masses than a healthy dose of visual motorboating?

Get the cards HERE.

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